Monday, October 8, 2007

Prince Got That Purp!

For the past month or so I've been getting a bunch of signs saying that I need go back get up on some old Prince.

I watched Purple Rain in its entirety last month for probably the first time since it came out. I was like 5 years old back then and hardly remember anything about it except for Appolonia's breast, Clarence Williams III handing out beatdowns and Morris Day acting a damn fool. The only thing I could clearly recall about that period was that my pops had the soundtrack and that I used to jump around in the living room to "Let's Go Crazy." I was always more familiar with the soundtrack than the film itself.

A friend and colleague of mines is a huge Prince fan and every once in a while she'd be bumping some shit that I either remember vaguely (but liked) or something I am totally oblivious too (and loved). Then when we went out for drinks the other night to this dope ass lounge the DJ was playing some more Prince shit that I never heard before but loved. When I asked the DJ what album this song was on, he told me Sign of the Times. As much as I'm admitting to not knowing Prince's music like that, I know enough to know that that was the wrong answer.

Either way, I am finally starting to realize why Prince is the gawt dayum man, so I'm gonna have to out and buy up alot of his old shit. I'm kinda embarrassed that I don't know more about his music. The only explanation I have is that shied, my pops pretty much controlled the musical climate in my house when I was growing up and he didn't fuck with any Prince albums except for that Purple Rain soundtrack. I guess he wasn't cool with bumping a dude who wore ass-less pants and had no problem screaming like a damn girl. I can't blame him though, I'd probably be the same way. Anyways, I guess I just kinda carried over the dissent into my life and never got into his stuff. Plus, it didn't help that back in '99 when I used to smoke with a co-worker after work that he'd throw on that ol' World Music sounding Prince from the mid-90s when I was trying to chill. Yeah, that's automatic way to lose a listener, fuck up their high.

Anyways, I just wanted to share the above video with you. Its Shawty Redd featuring Pastor Troy, Daz Dillinger and Big Kuntry King. The song is straight fie and is supposed to be on either DJ Funky Darryl James or Shawty Redd's upcoming mixtape. The song been out for a couple months now, but the video just hit. I mean, I myself ain't with the tricking shit, but fugg it, this shit ridin'!

And to all of you Prince fans or even fellow music writers out there, please forgive me. Don't do me like they've been doing Lupe's forgetful ass.

Oh yeah, shout out to Raheem the Dream for sampling "The Beautiful Ones" first on "The Most Beautiful Girl In the World."


crunkite said...

Man that shit there so jammin...

Dallas said...

Whenever my homie does this Prince vs. Michael Jackson party I get amped. Imagine getting down to some of the illest jams from Prince, M.J., The Jackson 5, Morris Day and the Time, Vanity 6, Janet Jackson and all the people that have covered or sampled these musical geniuses like SWV, Q-Tip, etc.

Oh yeah, Purple Rain is like the Rocky Horror Picture Show for down azz Black folks.