Monday, October 29, 2007

1 Down, 3 to go

If you thought the way Benzino strong-armed The Source was a good example of some good old-fashioned Boston ruthlessness, he has nothing on thier sports teams. This summer the city of Boston came up on Randy Moss (New England Patriots), Kevin Garnett & Ray Allen (Boston Celtics) and that expensive ass Japenese pitcher (Boston Red Sox), making all 3 of their professional sports franchise championship contenders.

Now tonight, 1/4 of their hostile takeover is complete as the Sox won their second World Series championship in 4 years by sweeping the literally ice cold Colorado Rockies. And with talks of these dudes trying to pick up A-Rod next season it don't look like they plan on giving up that trophy next year either.

Seeing this and how the New England Patriots are whupping up on the rest of the NFL like they stole something is really making me wonder how many crimes have been committed for them to all of a sudden just take over the sports world as they know it. I mean really, look at this shit:

-Boston Red Sox win 2007 World Series in a sweep, after facing a 3-1 deficit in the previous series

-New England Patriots start 2007 season 8-0, scoring no less than 34 points in each of their games and averaging just under 50 points in their last three victories. All of this after getting caught cheating in the first game of the season

-Boston Celtics pick up perhaps the best all-around player in basketball over the last 10 years (outside of Kobe and Tim Duncan) and the purest shooter since Reggie Miller giving them a legitimate shot to win what is already a weak Eastern Conference.

-Boston College is ranked #2 in college football and are almost certain to compete for a BCS Championship.

Hell, the only thing holding the city back are the hockey team, the Bruins who are in second to last place in their division.

Fugg that! I'm hating! Something has got to be in the water in Beantown. Either that or they putting something in everyone else's water.

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