Monday, October 1, 2007

HOLD UP! {wait a minute}

I'm convinced. Video cameras are just as dangerous as guns, especially in the hands of dumb mahfuggas. See, when a idiot is in possession of a firearm someone is liable to get shot, killed or maimed for life. Really stupid mahfuggas often times shoot themselves. The same can damn near be said about dumb mahfuggas with cameras. Ask R.Kelly. Or, ask (please read this before moving on)Chester Stiles.

Now, before I really get into what I'm saying. Am I the only person tripping on how this dude's real name is Chester. I mean, I'm sorry for what happened and all, but c'mon now. If I am a parent, there are two things I'm not doing with my child. 1.) I'm not taking them to Neverland. And 2.) I'm not bringing them around any nigga named CHESTER!

But, cases like this proves that we need to have laws for video cameras the same way that we have laws for guns.

For instance, back in '94 the government passed the Brady Bill stating that all states had to run background checks and enact a five-day waiting period on people trying to purchase handguns. The Brady Bill expired in '98 and was replaced by an instant backgrond check program. Many states have their own processes as to how they run background checks on potential gun buyers, some are more or less strict than others. The point is, that background checks are ran on people, thus the likelihood
of dumb mahfuggas, people with mental issues and people with violent criminal backgrounds are less likely to be sold guns. Unfortunately this doesn't include the thousands of guns getting ran on the streets. But still though, the idea is there that the proper authorities are at least doing something to keep guns out of the hands of stupid people.

Shouldn't we have the same for video cameras? I don't know about you, but there are waaaaaay too many people running around with video cameras. Growing up, I used to think twice about going to certain neighborhoods to visit girls, mainly because of guns and the niggas who have them. Now, I'm more afraid of being videotaped digging in my nose or getting caught doing something I ain't got no business doing. Not that I just be out doing shit I ain't got no business doing, but still.

Unfortunately, like too many of my peers, I know what it feels like to have a weapon pulled out on them. The shit makes you feel damn near 10 different emotions at the same time. Anger, fear, anxiety, etc. I found myself to feel the same emotions, if not more when someone feels that they can just run up on you with a camera and just fuck with you for no reason, ala HITS or Tom Green.

At least with guns, most times, the only people that stand to be effected are the person behind the trigger and the person in front of the barrel. Man, these got damn cameras, man, let someone catch someone on tape doing something and put it YouTube. It fucks with all of us. Whether its idiot bloggers telling lies and misinforming people or some ignant shit getting spread or some straight up What-The-Fuckery scaring the hell out of us, idiots with cameras have a way of ingraning themselves in our conciousness. At least with guns its typically a one shot deal, literally.

Then on top of that, it seems like the stupid mahfuggas with cameras never get punished or caught, ever or at least in a timely manner, I mean, just look at Kelly and Chester. Idiots with guns get caught all the time, thus taking criminals out of society. But we still got dumb folks with cameras wreaking havoc on us all.

I don't know man, I'm really starting to feel like life would be better with more guns than cameras out on the street. I mean, cameras used to do us some good when we were catching the LAPD assaulting Rodney King. But now, cameras, with alot of help from the internet, have pretty much turned human interaction into the equivalent of writing cusswords and phone numbers on the bathroom stall.

So I guess I'll end this by asking, who scares you more?

This guy or This guy


CRUNKITE said...


LOL (it really ain't funny) but that was the first thing I thought when I read buddy name was Chester..

Aw man... is this a case of art (or a really good joke) imitating life??

Shit's tragic...

Xcentric Pryncess said...

That is the first thing that I thought about--lol--Chester Chester child molester...

Janee TMB said...

me four on the Chester shit... Chester the Fuckin Molester!

Brilliant work Mistah Gahland -- excellent points although I don't think I ever ever ever ever ever need to see that Buffie/Kay Slay or Chris Crocker Youtube again. Ever!

same goes for buddy with the big naked hairy belly and the camera! No thanks... ya need to post warning disclaimers with those links. I'm scarred.