Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New York Times: Rescuing a Lost Era of Jazz History

I came across this video earlier this morning and found it interesting so I figured I'd share it with ya'll. It reminded me of when I used to tape songs, freestyles and interviews off the radio and when I used to record videos from off Rap City and Yo! MTV Raps. Obviously I wasn't the only one doing that because you look up just about anything on YouTube now.

But it seems our elders from the Jazz generation are still catching up to technology...or finally deciding to share some of their hidden treasures.

It also reminded me of one of my favorite posts from StuffWhitePeopleLike.com: "Black Music That Black People Don't Don't Listen To Anymore." I'm not saying that Black folks don't listen to Jazz at all anymore...but I sure as hell can count on my hand the ones that do.

As you can see the video, our White brothers still seem to be enthralled by the discovery of old jazz music. Hell it was a White cat that recorded all of this stuff. Over the last few years I've been starting to adopt the idea that Black folks don't record/preserve/protect as much of their own musical or cultural history because they are too busy living it or creating something new.

Which is a catch 22 because it leaves it up to folks from other backgrounds to record it and then ultimately control it and control how it is promoted and presented. Which usually leads to people feeling a certain way about "our" songs being copied, critiqued, ridiculed or used in paper towel commercials.

But yeah. Beyond all of that, I thought this was a cool clip. I know these recordings will be put in the museum when completed, but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens after that.

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QuantumPeach said...

Jazz IS art! the fact that a person or band is able to create a musical piece that runs anywhere from 3 - 6 minutes without lyrics YET still tells a story.....BEAUTIFUL!

I agree, the history, importance and overall greatness of Jazz music has been lost on younger generations. I'm 30 (well i will be on Sunday, LoL), but I am an avid jazz listener...everyday actually! I have my dad to thank for that though. He always played jazz at home - from classic to contemporary. I always have loved it, even as a kid. This is another reason why music appreciation should be taught in schools.

BTW, 91.9 is THE BEST jazz in Atlanta and on Saturday from 6-9P Brian Hurst broadcasts a show from the UK that ROCKS!