Friday, August 6, 2010

Joi Covers Creative Loafing

The First Lady of the Dungeon Family is gracing this weeks issue of Creative Loafing. Written by Jacinta Howard, the story talks about how timing has always seemed to be an issue in Joi's career even though she has been co-signed and supported by everyone from Madonna to Raphael Saadiq to Outkast.

Though she will always be appreciated and known as Joi to her fans, she is recreating herself as a member of Hot Heavy & Bad that includes her musical partner, guitarist, producer and Pal's Lounge owner Devon Lee (who come to find out used to be in Proton way back in the day). They debuted their new video "One" last night at Pal's Lounge and its hot stuff. Everybody that's heard the album says its dope as hell, which isn't surprising.

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Since we here, might as well share a couple of my favorite Joi songs right quick, both of these are from her last solo album, 2005's Tennessee Slim Is the Bomb. I remember kinda getting checked by Joi at this party when I told her how dope it was. Come to find out, it wasn't supposed to be out and I had a bootleg copy. Sorry.

"Say Say Lil Fine Ass Niggah" feat. Trauma Black, Bun B and Pastor Troy

"I'm So Famous"


noz said...

Nice. Joi is basically my favorite soul singer of the past twenty years. Where can I hear "the raw, avant-garde single 'One.'"?

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