Tuesday, August 3, 2010

360: Ice Cube x Furious Styles x "Chippy D"

By now you've heard about Laurence Fishburne's daughter Montana (aka Chippy D) entering the porn industry...which drew me into another 360 post.

Of course you remember Ice Cube's classic, "Givin Up the Nappy Dugout":

If you've been in a cave for the last 20 years and never heard this song...Cube walks up to a house looking for the neighborhood freak. To his surprise, the freak's father answers the door. When Cube asks to see the girl, the father starts cussing saying "my daughter ain't going out with no damn Ice Cube...I raised her in a nice Catholic school." After that Cube pretty much lays it out to the dad that his daughter is a hoe. Of course, the father is in denial and says that Cube is lying.

That also got me to thinking about the role that Larry Fishburne played in Boyz N Da Hood(which Cube also starred in), Furious Styles:

Not sure if you realize it, but for alot of cats growing up...the Furious character acted as a surrogate dad, even if it was just for a few scenes in a movie. Outside of Cliff Huxtable and Uncle Phil, Furious Styles was one of the only Black father figures in TV/Film at the time (lame ass Carl Winslow don't count).

So the scene where Furious asks Trey "you got any p*ssy yet?" and then scolds him for not using a condom when he did get some was the closest alot of fatherless cats got to having "the talk" back in the day.

Both of these instances have a strange, funny and sad connection to the news of Fishburne's daughter entering porn to jumpstart her "career" and get her closer to her goal of being like Kim Kardashian.

Fishburne's daughter is the real life Cheryl from "Giving Up the Nappy Dugout ("we got the little hooker on tape"), this Brian Pumper dude is Ice Cube at the doorstep and unfortunately Fishburne is the "Furious" father who can't believe that his daughter is the neighborhood hoe.

I don't care man...even if my kid is grown. I'm still busting caps in anybody having to do with getting over on my kid. That said, I don't know what Larry plans on doing (if anything)...but if I was the Brian Pumper dude, I'd be worried that Larry go back into Furious mode and protect his kid (house and name) by licking shots in his direction (5:05 mark)

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GangStarr Girl said...

Super hilarious post!

"Montana Fishburne is the real life Cheryl from 'Nappy Dugout'" I can't. LMAO