Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scarface x Killa Kyleon x Cory Mo In The Studio

'Face, Kyleon and Cory Mo working at Mad Studioz in H-Town. 'Face gives Kyleon his official stamp of approval and brings up that he's coming out with a new album. They also discuss Uncle Brad's discography and share their thoughts on his classics. 'Face also reveals the "inspiration" behind those albums. I'm hoping he wasn't doing what I think he was doing on The Fix...given the packaging and all.

In my opinion it goes:

The Untouchable
Mr. Scarface Is Back
The Fix
The Diary
...the rest are interchangable depending on your mood that day.

Shouts out to the homie Naz for the footage.

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scjoha said...

"Fix" and "Diary" - great albums, no doubt. But my favorite is "The World is Yours". The sound on "Diary" and "Untouchable" is pretty clean G-Funk, and that's nice, but I love that Texas-Louisiana swamp funk on "The World is yours" (and Geto Boys "Till Death Do Us Part). If you skip the DMG and 2Low solo tracks, it's a perfect album to me. Check out "The Wall" - same topic as "Mind Playing Tricks", but much darker and harder.
"Let Me Roll" - best smoker hymn. "Now I Feel ya" - classic. as well as the other tunes on that album.