Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random Jam: The Coup-'Takin These" (1994)

Browsing the web I stumbled across this site that had The Coup's "Taking These" CD single available for download. Got my mind going and figured I'd share this jam with ya'll.

I know NWA (and then G-Unit...I guess) called themselves "the World's Most Dangerous Rap Group"...but, I think that title is more fitting for The Coup. I mean, damn, just look at their name...The Coup. That speaks volumes in itself. I mean, The Coup pretty much made audio versions of Black Panther Party pamphlets and The Anarchist Cookbook over some of the funkiest beats you'll ever find.

But the thing I dug about them most was that while you could call them "conscious" they were real more than anything else. They were from Oakland and still made songs with folks Spice 1, E-40 and Ant Banks...unlike other "conscious" rappers who feel like they are too good, uppity or saintly to make songs with certain artists.

"Takin These" was the second single from their sophomore album Genocide & Juice and its pretty much about robbing folks. But not robbing people that live next door to you...but rather rich corporations that set up shop in the community but do nothing to help it out. They talk about overthrowing factories and taking the spoils back to the hood to feed the hungry. Think Robin Hood in white tee.

Crazy...this video was made in 1994. I can't imagine in 2010 that we'll ever see a video featuring a bunch of poor Black people running up in mansions and office building hanging rich white guys out of windows and talk about about "throwing the Mayor's body in the ocean to see if it would sink or float."


Rome Brown said...

I fucks with Santa Rita Weekend off that Genocide and Juice album too. Steal This Album is my favorite album in their catalog though.

QuantumPeach said...

no lie, i posted this video on my FB page about 2 weeks ago, LoL!
the sample from Lady and the Tramp and that video definitely left an impression...cheerio!

Taylor said...

Manne what?! This is my favorite group of all time bruh! I always considered Boots Riley like a Rebel-version of Pimp C....this group does with funk what UGK did with soul!