Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Dammit, its starting already. Mike Bibby hasn't been point guard for the Hawks for a full two weeks, hell he hasn't even played a home game yet and the socialites are already trying to sink their claws into him. See, this is how you can tell nobody is originally from here or raised here. Because, if you were an Atlantan who actually gave a damn about the Hawks, you wouldn't promote this kind of behavior. I called it two years ago, Atlanta's nightlife is one of the biggest reasons why the Hawks can never stay focused.

I mean, I could see if we was out trying to get the other team drunk but that's hardly ever the case. Only time I've seen that go down was when Tyronn Lue used to take the other team's point guard to the club and get them fucked up, it worked in our favor maybe twice. But since he's gone, that's probably not going to happen anymore. Plus, I ran into one of the players that he got drunk at the club down in New Orleans. When we joked about the whole ordeal, he said "never again."

But to see that there are two parties (that I know of) welcoming Bibby to Atlanta, this can't be good. Sure, he's been in the league for 9 years but he's played for Vancouver and Sacramento. I've never been to either of those places, but I'm betting that they don't have club scenes like Atlanta.

We're just coming off a disappointing 5-game West Coast trip where we finished 1-4. The last place Bibby needs to be is in the damn club. I'm considering going to these spots just to discourage Bibby from going out. I might tell him some shit like "these hoes got the package" or "these niggas be gay" or "the KKK still be outside!" I know hearing shit like that has kept me in the house before, it just might work on him.

On a side note, Yao Ming just went down for the rest of the season and I really hated to see that. I "fucks" with Yao. I'm sure he's pissed too.


Janee TMB said...

Right on with the right on. LOL. Um, I have to give it to you for continuing to support the Hawks, but dayum, let that man get his party on.

I don't think his Becky is gonna let him out the house too much in Atlanta anyway!

I can completely picture you trying to keep Mike Bibby out the club tho!

CoCo said...

So it's the nightlife that's been holding us down. That's good to know because all this time I was convinced it was the piss poor management, coaching and roster full of interchangeable parts. LOL

southpeezy said...

yeah...that too ;-)

4 Cryin Out Loud said...

i have to agree w/ coco. yeah, atlanta has a nightlife- but that's no excuse for the hawks... like i always say the hawks need a rehaul of the entire organization.