Thursday, February 14, 2008

30-something's the new 20

Contrary to that popular movie does look like there is a "Country For Old Men." Is it me, or has the last week or so of trades in the NBA given you flash backs of the damn 1993 Draft? I swear I'm feeling like I'm in middle school again.

Shaq to the Suns and now Kidd to the Mavs? Damn, Pau Gasol got the West shaking in their boots like that? DAMN! Evidently dumb must be the new smart in the NBA. It seems like General Managers are scrambling to see who can pull off the most lopsided trade. That can be the only explanation for the madness that's occurring right now.

I'm also laughing at the fact that Devean George is trying to block the trade. Nigga please, you went 0 for 11 last night. You've spoken your piece sir!

Speaking of the NBA, I'm headed to New Orleans in a couple hours to do the damn thing down there. Seems like a lot of folks are scared to come down for it. I can think of a couple reasons why. But, I plan on going down there to work and stay my ass in the hotel room...and stay far away from Jazze Pha.

...oh and case you're wondering. Boogie is telling the truth, Maurice Garland really is a nigga who steals shopping carts from Wal-Mart, more on that later...

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

heard he a father now, pha that is, where u been folk