Sunday, January 13, 2008

What A Coinkydink?!?

So, even though my Steelers lost to the Jags last week, I figured I could still enjoy the NFL Playoffs. The games have had some entertaining moments, but none more entertaining than the commercials I've been seeing during the games.

The latest one to catch my eye is the preview for the new movie Vantage Point. In it, the President of the United States is the victim of an assassination attempt. The theme of this movie is to show the assassination attempt from 8 different perspectives. Now, when I hear the word "perspective" I'm thinking they aren't just saying "points of view." Oh no my friend, I'ma jump the gun and just assume that they are saying "8 different ways to do that shit."

How convenient. Just like when Hollywood starts releasing those Saving Private Ryan/Pearl Harbor type films when we are in the middle of a war, it seems like they're releasing a "How To (Almost) Kill A President" movie right when the primary season starts.

How in the hell does this kind of stuff get greenlighted? Who thought that it would be a good idea to release a film like this, at a time like this. Granted, I know Bush is still in office, but I don't think the potential wackos out there are going to be driven to take out a dude who is nearing his last day on the job.

Am I the only one who finds it highly ironic that a "How To (Almost) Kill A President" film is dropping during an election where both candidates who are the anti-thesis of the White Man President are looking like the front runners? Somebody must not want them to win. Something tells me that they had this movie in the can, and just in case Obama and Hillary were looking too good, they'd pull it out just to put some fear in their hearts or some ideas in some dumbass' brain. Surely, this film isn't supposed to be directed at Romney, McCain, Gulliani and the rest of those white boys.

The movie comes out in February, giving it ample to not only make an impact in theaters, but in stores on DVD as well. That pretty much gives the movie two seperate runs during the election. Got damn...someone is a genius!


Janee TMB said...

You and your conspiracy theories!

Discovery Channel had a great special on the Freemasons last night btw.

Long live Obama!

Monk said...

WooooooW!! You ain't reachin' just a bit?? LOL!! Naah...I think that's a GREAT movie idea and I can already hear the box office "CH-CHINGING". Seems like a good joint to put out during ANY election season though.

J. Burnett said...

these movie cats tend to do that. remember V for Vendetta. now this, if Hillary or Obama wins they should seriously consider getting a bulletproof full body mask. just in case.