Thursday, January 3, 2008

Barack Boards the Enterprise

I don't know who's been on more covers over the last 12 months, Lil Weezy or O'Beezy. My place is littered with mags featuring both of these dudes faces.

Anyways this month's B.E. is making it obvious who they are rolling with in this years election and I am glad to see this. Prime example of Black owned businesses supporting their own.

I really don't get why every Black person isn't sold on Barack. We do all this complaining about wanting a Black president and when we get a decent candidate, we start talking about "he doesn't have enough experience." What?!? Look at what the folks with "experience" have done for the last 20 years (Clinton included, he's sent more Black men to jail than Bush has sent to the chair. Don't sleep.)

My brother made a funny point this past weekend as to why he doesn't think Black people are going to vote for Barack like they should. He said "we hardly support Black owned businesses, you think we gonna support a Black president?"

I don't care, I'm giving dude a chance "experience" or not. I mean damn, its not like dude just came home from working at Pep Boys and came up with the bright idea of running for president.

Anyways, B.E. takes a different approach from the other mags that have covered Barack and straight up tells you why you should vote for dude. You know, kinda like Vote Or Die, but with some fucking focus and agenda. (anybody still have their V.O.D. shirts?)

This month's B.E. also has a feature on they are callng the Next Generation of Entreprenuers. They only named 3 though. Don't know what to make of that.

They also have some pieces in there about Master P launching a digital record label, the Black travel market and why you should start saving towards retirement BEFORE landing a job with a 401(k). Good stuff as usual.

There is a gang of them left at your local Kroger. They don't seem to be moving too too fast, so get one when you get a chance.


Monk said...

Several months ago, I recall myself saying that there's no way in the world we're going to have a female or Black president EVER. With everything that's transpiring with the caucuses and such, I feel there may be a chance for Obama. He has my vote because I feel he's genuine about his platform.

It's black on black crime (in my opinion) how some choose not to support him because they don't "know enough about him". WTF!! Dummy, do the research and then make a decision.

S.K. said...

I was sold on Obama in 2005 when I read his autobiography. He is the man. Point black, period. No need to pontificate lol.