Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Savage Life

I swear, reading the news sometimes makes you sit back and ask yourself, is America really civilized?


Good thing these folks don't listen to Ganksta NIP, or else we would have had another out-of-touch White person blaming Hip Hop for their behavior. But seriously, what possesses a person to want to do something like this. I used clown that something must be in the water in West Virginia because almost every football player that set ground there was getting in trouble, but damn. Its gonna be interesting to see how this story plays out in the media. It can't end up like the like Duke Lacrosse fiasco because unlike that one, the sista ain't a stripper and the suspects pretty much got caught in the act. However, it could easily wind up getting overlooked like the Jena 6. We'll have to see.

But in addition to that, the homie Wally Sparks put me up on another tragedy.


Its almost the same exact thing, but in reverse. The suspects have been caught and will be sentenced soon. White nationalist groups are complaining about a "Media Blackout" of this story and others like it. Claiming that because the victims are White, the crimes aren't registered as hate crimes and aren't given the same attention as when the same thing happens to Blacks. Well, I don't know what news channels they are watching because I rarely see White-On-Black hate crimes get blown up either.

I mean, shied, hate crimes on both ends of the spectrum get swept under the rug, especially when the stories have to compete with Britney Spears cutting her hair off. But in all honestly, I can't be mad at them. They have as much a right to cry foul as we do when shit like this happens.

I just hope that these incidents don't mess around and brew a race war, because it easily could. What do you think?


CRUNKITE said...

I'll tell you what I think.... I'm about to hit Lavell on the blackberry and get me some gats.

This shit is that bullshit shawty...

YaBoy Po said...

man fuck that murder period is a hate crime and a race war would great! the way i she shit now we needa be on some by any mean neccesary or they gonna kill us all or maybe im jus young n ignant