Friday, September 7, 2007

Get Too Close, I Might Shove Ya...

People like to complain about folks being on CP Time. Well, there is something worse, RP (Rap People) Time. For all the money some of these rap cats spend on time pieces, they're never on time.

Prime example, I was scheduled to interview Big Kuntry King the other day. He was late hell, 2 hours late. It came out later that he was uninformed about our appointment, and had to pick up his kids from school, so I guess thats a good reason.

But the 2 hour wait wasn't an excruciating one. I got a chance to go in the studio with fellow PSC member Macboney. I'm telling you now, if he comes out with the 15-20 songs he let me hear, his album will either be a certified or slept-on classic.

Anyone that's been listening to T.I. and PSC from day one knows that Mac and Kuntry were probably the two members that were capable of holding their own, consistently. But Mac's voice always made him standout even more. Looking back, I wish I would have done some sneaky shit like cut on my recorder while he was playing the music, because it was that dope.

The album isn't scheduled to drop until next year, meaning that it probably won't see the light of day until 2009. Even if that happens, dude created some timeless music that will stand the test of time. Wide-ranging production, witty concepts, relevant content, it was all there. Don't get me wrong, I'm not praising him for doing what the fugg he's supposed to be doing. I mean, it ain't like this man hasn't been exposed to enough through traveling the world with one of the best rapper's in the game right now, so above average music should be the starting block for him anyway.

He said that its up to his bosses to pick what songs are going on the album, and I hope they pick what I heard. Boney let me hear some of his new mixtape stuff, which was.....okay. Perhaps I got spoiled by the album. UPDATE: I picked up his RICO ACT mixtape today and the shit is hard as hell!

But yeah, ya'll look out for Boney if you haven't been already.

p.s. The Kuntry album is riding too. Look out for a song called "Afraid of Heights."


Janee TMB said...

thanks for the heads up. good to see you doing your thing as always!

Monk said...

Mac definitely goes hard!! Mush Success to them dudes.."Do Ya Thing"!!