Thursday, February 19, 2009

So What???

I really didn't want to say anything about this stupid ass picture the NY Post posted yesterday. I really didn't. But, it inspired me to say something nonetheless.

I urge all of you, myself included. Don't get distracted by dumb shit like this. Please. I haven't been on the internet heavy today, but I'm already hearing that the Michael Baisden's and Al Sharptons of the world are organizing protests and what not in response to this picture. Maaan, fuck this picture for real. It's bait.

We have a Black president in office now and stupid racists don't know what to do with themselves. They are slowly losing their grip of influence on the world and they are panicking. That's why we hear some more new outlandish shit from the Rush Limbaughs's of the world almost every other day. That's why we see a new story about some racist store owner, cookie maker or whoever doing some dumb shit everyday in the news. It's all bait and distraction.

This country is in a position to get out of a rut and come together and there are people that don't want that to happen. Why? It's easy to say because they are evil. But I believe its because the powers that be (Blacks and Whites) who capitalize on racism want to keep conflict going, because they get money and attention from it. The racist powers that be are running scared right now because America finally has a leader and voice of reason that isn't too too polarizing. President Obama made usually closed-minded people see past race and look at character and that hasn't happened here in a long ass time. EVERYBODY from EVERY RACE was instrumental in getting the man in office and that kind of teamwork has the people who get money and power from dividing people scared shitless.

Now, I'm all for constructive conflict, that's how lines of communication are opened which leads to great ideas and solutions being formed most times. But paying attention to every dumb ass who draws silly cartoons or spews stupidity over the airways isn't going to get the economy back in shape nor will it keep kids in schools and mothers off drugs.

I mean, ever since say, 2003-05 when social networking sites and things like youtube started getting popular we've been privy to information getting shot to us instantly. Back then, I don't recall seeing something racist every day. But ever since President Obama declared his intentions to run for President, we've been seeing new racists everyday. I'm not saying that these snakes were never there, they were simply hiding in high grass waiting to come out. But surely, I'm not the only one noticing that these racist people are getting more camera time than Paris Hilton nowadays. Really think about it, prior to the election, the only big time race-driven situations we got riled up over were Jena 6 and Sean Bell. Am I wrong? I'm open to a differing opinion.

I say all of this to say this. Don't go for the bait. Stupid shit like the above picture are made and placed strategically to distract us from other issues that we really need to be concerned about. So getting upset and protesting about shit like this is asinine to me. Look at it for what it is, stupid. Did you ever pay attention to the stupid muthafucka in school? Hell no. Paying attention to stupid people has never been cool (although reality television is doing a great job in proving that notion wrong right now).

Don't let stupid people distract us folks.


shawty slim said...

Once again, you have summed it all up. I will not fall for the bait.

Southern said...

Wondered where u been, haven't checked for your posts since I left SOHH ATLANTA.

But, nice read pimp, this is what we faced with now?? Seems I'm having to take more and more deep breaths as of late.

Dollarado Jae said...

i agree with you my dude.. its a distraction and its really just the beginning.. there's gonna be more and more of this type of stuff ...

BLuHaZe said...

great post, homie

air max said...

well said. the more people ignore racist BS like this, the further the racists will try to push it in order to get some attention. what im hoping is that this will eventually cause them to sort of self-destruct or fizzle out.
on a semi related note, you see even pat robertson had to call limbaugh out:

Javis Johnson said...

Finally! Someone that gets it. Peeps are worrying about the wrong things these days.