Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Killer Mike x No ID @ Echo Studios

Killer Mike x No ID @ Echo Studios from www.mauricegarland.com on Vimeo.

Just when you thought the Killer Mike & No ID project(s) you'd been hearing about were reaching Bigfoot status, here you go. I got a chance to catch up with Mike last night to peep some of the new music from his Grind Time/Grand Hustle project and yeah, its as dope as advertised. Mike said he's looking for his Biggie moment on this album and I say he's getting there. I've heard about 5-6 roughs from the project and they're all dope. The song he was working on with No ID last night is dope, fie, hot, all of the above. But supporters of the Grind are going to have to wait a little bit longer to hear some stuff because as Mike's A&R/Manager Mr. Sills aka Bear Loc says in the video..."no leaks"..."not even for you Mr. Garland."

But yeah, I just wanted to share this video with ya'll to let you know what's been going on. Be sure to stay up with UNN as well.

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Eyez said...

THe prodigal son has returned.

time to smash em Again in 09.

A-Team status. holla at e my dude!