Friday, September 10, 2010

New Kilo Shawty!: Kilo Ali-"Nasty Bed"

So, I got an email from the homie Bem with a new Kilo Ali song. The subject line said "New Kilo (auto-tune warning!). Actually, that warning didn't really deter me from wanting to hear the song. The music that Kilo was making before he went to prison is actually conducive to auto-tune and probably wouldn't sound that bad with it on it. Then I saw all these other comments in the corresponding emails talking about "this is what happens when rappers get on crack and go to prison." That might be the truth, but that's not nice to say.

But yeah about the song. This is Kilo's first song since he got out of prison. I myself, don't really mind the song. It would probably be some vintage Kilo if he would've left the auto-tune off (again, he fresh out and probably didn't know any better) and tightened up some parts of the song...because towards the end, he does kind of go off on a tangent. But like I said, he just got out of prison. No rapper ever sounds good RIGHT after they get out of prison...not 2Pac, not Pimp C, and sure as hell not Shyne ("Roller Song" is growing on me though).

'Pac only sounded good to us when All Eyez On Me came out because he went to the studio with Dr. Dre and Death Row and actually worked for a few months before anything even left the studio and went to the public. If you go back and listen to some of those bootleg Makaveli's you can hear the fresh out the pen 'Pac trying to get his flow and timing back.

But yeah, I'm starting to ramble. According to this website, a new album will be dropping in March 2010. Tell me what ya'll think of the song. Personally, it kinda makes me want to dig out my neon green Braves jersey, clear bottom Reeboks and start ragtopping on ya'll ass.

UPDATE: According to Kilo's twitter this is not a new song, but actually something from 2004 that some folks put out behind his back.


Jake said...

That's not as bad as I thought it'd be. Couldn't take a whole album of that, but that song is tolerable, at best.

Anonymous said...

You gat got!
ROFL!!! this is some faked out Kilo ALi ish that these nijas put out behind his back. Scraps from 2004 -- released it as "NEW"

You silly ass didnt even check to see if it was real Kilo !

Anonymous said...

whyy you think it sound so "vintage" /....cause he aint out yet....some these trax older than my Jordans...

Did they tell you to blog about this old ass ish....ROFL

southpeezy said...

@ Anonymous

Like ive suggested to "anonymous" visitors in the past. All opinions are welcome here, but hoe ass behavior like calling me names and not leaving a name is not. Don't be a bitch and talk out of the side of your mouth and not leave a name. If you're going to be a hoe, at least be a good hoe and let everybody know who you are. You're obviously pretty good at being a bitch, because you left two comments in a row. Leave your name, get your credit.

That's why I don't really mess with ya'll internet niggas. "I got got"...yeah. I sure did man, I am so silly, how will I live with myself?

Loch said...

2Pac was always hot even out the pen to me...Pause
Really Pac wasted no time in recording when he got out.Think about it.he got out of jail in what 95 and died the same year.he also had made Makaveli in that time.Now.This record is just bad.Kilo always made dance bass music which ain't really the style.I hope he does his thing but IDK if that 92 style will cut it now.LOL at the ragtop statement.Yeeeek

Loch said...

There's all kind of different stories but from what I found Kilo will be in jail possibly til 2020.he started a 15 yr max sentence in 05.he could get out early but,he got sentenced to 15 joints.Damn arson gets you fucked up
Check me out

Makell Bird said...

I'm Makell Bird of Maktown TV/Radio/Mixtapes I'm the guy who RELEASED the song to the web... I know the whole story behind the track

done said...

maurice do you know any albums to reccomend for someone whos new to kilo? i keep hearin his name pop up and im curious

Makell Bird said...

The person posting as ANONYMOUS above is someone looking to curve Kilo's comeback. It is a female who creates fake profiles on twitter and facebook posing as a supermodel and one of Kilo's friends. She attacked me and every other DJ supporting this song. The problem is she;s doing it under fake accounts like ANONYMOUSE... in a heated twitter battle she told me her name was Traci (could be fake too)

This song was originally recorded circa 2004 when Kilo was RELEASED on his arson charge for burning down his own home which was valued at $250k. He was on some type of work release program and part of that was going to the studio. This track and many others were done while Kilo was under the mgmt of King J Rahim. Kilo went BACK to jail for cocaine possession.

Kilo's CURRENT manager is Angela "LazerBeam" Pope and Kilo is SUPPOSEDLY getting out in December of this year 2010

Hit me up and leave a number for more details as I know the WHOLE story Makell Bird 702-577-3603 and LEAVE a number.

Anonymous said...

Some folks are Drama Queens.
You get a little ROPE and now you think you a COWBOY!

KiloAli is not out yet - and the record released is not his curent work. (Vault 2004)

If folks want the story - call KiloAli Manager - "Lazerbeam"

Little information and now you think you a Perez Hilton.

Trying to make a $1 out of 15cents.

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