Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chris Webber = Darko Milicic???

Oh my god shawty. Shoutout to and the homie Lang over at Slam Magazine for posting this. I was afraid I was the only person that saw this last night.

I've been getting my basketball fix courtesy of NBA TV showing Summer League games. But last night's game between the Timberwolves and Kings (Demarcus Cousins beasted by the way) was priceless, but not because of the game itself. It was because of of the in-game conversation between Chris Webber and Wolves GM David Khan.

I don't know if CWebb was doing it on purpose but he really exposed how clueless this dude is. You trade your best player for peanuts, sign an unproven player and insist that a better team breakfast will make this squad better. I mean, breakfast is important, but c'mon dude, hahaha. All these other teams stacking up on free-agents and the T-Wolves have...breakfast.

But the best part of the clip is at the 3:35 point. Hilarity.

"Good luuck"


Fresh! said...

What CWeb said was funny. Depending on your brand of humor. In the Wolves GM's defense, Chris Webber got smashed when he said that it took Darko only two days to figure out a play scheme that took Sacramento players (like Chris) two months to figure out. We get it guys... Yes Chris, Darko isnt on your level talent-wise. Okay GM of the Timberwolves, Darko is probably smarter than many NBA players. Yadda yadda. Who wins? CWebbs claim to fame was "callin two time outs with no timeouts left"! I'll let you be the judge..

wyndero said...

The GM is awful, he traded away his best player and got Two draft picks and a trade exemption, and the year before he takes Rubio who is 2-3yrs away from even coming over. And Sac-Town didn't run the triangle by the way.In C-Webs defense we you talk with an idiot sometimes even intelligent people can't tell the difference,but regardless this is classic material.