Monday, March 23, 2009

Aggressive Listening: A-Dam-Shame- "Get It"

{you may have to scroll down to pause the video at the bottom of the post, it starts automatically}}

I don't know why. But I just woke up with this song on my mind this morning. Which prompted me to blast this ish on repeat during my morning run. My heart almost exploded. Not because of my shape (I'm in the best shape I've been in years, btw) but because this song is that crunk. I've seen plenty of asses beat to this song.

I hadn't heard anything from A-Dam-Shame in a minute though. They used to rep Scotsdale hard as hell. For a minute only them and Ghetto Mafia was all us Eastsiders had to claim in this rap sh*t (One time for Mr. Ku and Scotsdale)I used to ride to alot of their music. Granted their songs rivaled Run-DMC's length wise and they overused similes from time-to-time, but it still jammed.

Today's motto is GET IT!

Bonus Listens:

A-Dam-Shame-"Southern Hospitality" (1997)

A-Dam-Shame-"The Game Ain't Rated" feat. UGK & Too $hort (1997)

A-Dam-Shame feat. Lil Jon, Big Floaty & Bun B-"Don't Play Dat" (2003)


CoCo said...

Did you find yourself wanting to punch innocent passer byers? LOL

R.E.D. Inc. said...

Yeah this used to be my shit. I used to spend extra money when it came on in Pin-Ups

Anonymous said...

"They used to rep Scotsdale hard as hell."

Come on MG... you from the Eastside you know its Scottdale and not Scotsdale.

Mr Grand said...

Man, I uploaded the first video you got up. I'm glad folks still remember the dope artists in the A. Even though they were transplants, they made some of the dopest music. I'm still looking for Dirty Game Pt. 1 with I'm A Boss on it. I seen a girl buck on a dude in a club to this song. I knew they were on to something. Get it! Scottdale!