Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Coming

Heaven must have either heard my prayers, or me rapping "Thought Process" in the shower. But Goodie Mob is back! I mean, I heard about the news years ago but the word was only coming out in bits and pieces. I'd see pictures of them back hanging together and when I'd see a Goodie in the street they'd say "yeah, yeah, yeah...we back together" but didn't say much of anything else. Then, we got teased with "Hold On" on that Purple Ribbon compilation. But, that was a bittersweet suprise to me.

Mainly because I had heard that song on the radio back in 1997. It was recorded for Soul Food and got left off. I remember when they got on Hot 97.5 back when Ludacris was Chris Lova Lova to promote Still Standing, they said they was gonna put it on there and they played it. I taped the song off the radio and played it religiously for at least a month. Then, I fucked around and taped over it when they got back on the radio and played what was going to be the new single, "They Don't Dance No Mo'." I didn't sweat it at the time because I figured hey, its gonna be on the album. Well, if you own Still Standing, then you know "Hold On" ain't on there either. Sorry for rambling, but like I said, hearing it pop up on Got Purp was a bittersweet surprise.

My hopes for a Goodie Mob album increased when I got the chance to interview all four of them for a Classic Material I wrote for XXL on Soul Food. It was the first time that I heard all four of them say that the group was back together and actually recording music.

Its crazy man. Goodie Mob has been on my brain something serious for the last week and a half. First, my brother came up for Thanksgiving and asked me to burn him a copy of mine which made me have to start playing mines again. Then the homie R.E. did a Soul Food post on his blog. Then I messed around and got led to their Wikipedia page and found that I had to go in and correct some things myself (they said they got their name from some British band called The Goodie, wtf?!?) Now, I find the following videos on youtube and my homegirl Janee's (a.k.a. the Saigon killer) new blog. No lie, I was just developing an angle for a blog about Goodie Mob to post on Black Ice. I still might do it.

By now, I know, I probably talked/typed your ears/eyes off with my Goodie ramblings (no, this doesn't qualify as lame ass "fanhood" either). Sorry about that, anyway, peep the following videos of the G-Mo-B making their return official. They pretty much sum up everything I'm feeling right now in the interview.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


R.E. said...

The Goodie Mob reunion album > the Hot Boys reunion album

YaBoy Po said...

now all we need is a new dungeon fam album and a east points greatest hits two lol

p.s i look up to you my dude lol for real for real and thats from the heart

Xcentric Pryncess said...

that's what's up....I hope the new one can live up to Soulfood which is a southern classic

Janee TMB said...

Thanks for the shout... LMAO @ Saigon Killer....

Oh and you already know I'm excited about this!

Dollarado Jae said...

thats the bizness right there. Hiphop needs that voice out right now.