Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Perminator vs. David Banner

To hell with all of this 50 Cent vs. Kanye stuff. Do they not remember the last time two rappers tried to battle it out on September 11th? Jay-Z vs. Fabolous was childs play compared to Bush vs. Bin Laden. Everyone needs to chill out and remember what that day really means and how it effected us all. 50 Cent retiring from rap if Kanye outsells him will not have any effect on my life.

But, with that said. Ladies and gentlemen, there is one rap-related beef brewing that we all should have our eyes on. Its the classic case of Old School vs. New School. Parent vs. Child. Civil Rights Era vs. Hip Hop Generation. Perm vs. Ceasar. Yes ladies and gents...

Al Sharpton a.k.a The Perminator vs. Levell Crump a.k.a David Banner

In case you aren't caught up on things...

Sharpton has been leading a campaign against offensive language in rap music. He's going above the rapper's heads and getting at the major corporations that promote and profit from it. Sharpton is on a little win streak after getting I Must Use Slurs fired from his job.

When raptivist David Banner was asked what he thought about Sharpton's actions, he responded with the very words that Sharpton is hoping to abolish in the first place.

Yesterday, when a rep from Sharpton's camp was queried about Banner's quotes they, in true "pimp" fashion, got verbally creative.

Then, today a new David Banner song leaked on the internet. To give you an idea of what it sounds like, take 2Pac's "Hit 'Em Up" and replace the names "Biggie," "Puffy," and "Lil' Cease" with "Oprah," "Jesse Jackson," and "Al Sharpton." Listen for yourself HERE.

Undecided on who think is gonna win? Here is an abbreviated Tale of the Tape for you...LETS GET READY TO RUMBUUUUUUULE!

Rev. Al Sharpton a.k.a. The Perminator

Year of Birth: 1954
Birthplace: Brooklyn
Education: Dropped out of high school to hit the road with James Brown
Mentors: James Brown and Jesse Jackson
Clique/Affiliations: Founded National Youth Movement in 1971. Founded National Action Network in 1991
In the Line of Duty: Stabbed in the chest during a 1991 protest
Political History: Ran for Demomacratic nomination for U.S. President in 2004, lost to John Kerry.
Movie appearances: Cold Feet, Bamboozled, Mr. Deeds, and Malcolm X
Television appearances: New York Undercover, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Girlfriends, My Wife and Kids, and Boston Legal (and more.)
Current endeavor: Keepin It Real w/ Al Sharpton syndicated radio show

Levell Crump a.k.a. David Banner

Year of Birth: 1973
Birthplace: Jackson, Mississippi
Education: Graduated from Southern University
Mentors: Pimp C
Clique/Affiliations: Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, formerly one-half of rap group Crooked Lettaz, CEO of B.I.G.F.A.C.E. (Believing In God For All Comes Eventually)Entertainment, founder of Heal the Hood foundation
In the Line of Duty: Almost went broke and suffered from high blood pressure while personally clothing, feeding and housing Hurricane Katrina victims.
Political History: Former SGA President at Southern University
Movie appearances: Black Snake Moan
Television appearances: Rap City, 106 & Park, DFX
Current endeavor: That Crooked 'Sipp cartoon on Adult Swim

Who are you putting your money on, the activist or the celebrity? Can you tell which is which?


Janee TMB said...

This is a rumble I am looking forward to sitting back and watching. I'm pretty confident that Banner will be able to hold his own against the Perminator -- while I'm slightly disappointed that he stooped to something as easy (and ignorant)as Sharpton can "suckadick" hopefully he learned something from their comeback and will keep hitting back hard with the intelligent rhetoric that he's definitely capable of.

crunkite said...

Banner the closest thing we got to real nigga activist...

I side with him 100%

bp said...

I gotta say I love it. Hopefully two grown men can get this solved and bridge the gap before Al has to smell Banner's cologne.

Rodney C. said...

maybe i'm getting old but this shit is ashame to me. i listened to Banner's track and to be as intelligent as he is he didn't have anything of substance to say. so now he's just talking shit and holding his dick, looking like a true N while the whole world watches via Internet.

at least Killer Mike had something relevant to say on his Oprah diss track last year. hell, anybody could get on the mic and jone Al Sharpton out. That's easy. It's easy as hell to be disrespectful and talk big shit just because you feel like you've been disrespected. it's hard to bring some insight and truth to the table, though.

i thought D. Banner was hard enough to do that. but maybe, as he suggests at the end of the track, it all boils down to money.

...rap, nigga, rap.

Andrea said...

why do rappers hate to express themselves creatively without using such words/ideas/themes that hate against their women?
i love hip hop for real... but when do rappers wo/man up and stop the BULLSHIT! i really like david banner, but hating on al sharpton to that degree seems unnecessary. another case of black on black hate in the media... GREAT! :-(

janice said...

Rodney C, I'm with you!

mo'net said...

i dunno, but people said that david banner was doin really good things as sga president, and the school didn't like that & the made him stop or sumthin like that...campus rumor???