Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pill-"Trap Goin' Ham" music video

Well folks. Here it is, the music video for Pill's "Trap Goin Ham" directed by the Motion Family. The pictures had the internet going ham a couple weeks ago. Like I told ya'll before, this video was completely unscripted and has no actors. Whatever got caught on camera, just happened. From the pipe to the girl dancing in the street. If you were to go in these neighborhoods, I guarantee that you'll see these same people right now. Discussion and dialoge has already gone down behind the photos and trailer alone, lets see what kind of stir this video makes. To go along with the video Pill and the homie Derek wish to share this statement:

We hope that this video shocks your conscience. If it does, we have succeeded in our goal. The fact that this video is nearly terrifying in its graphic nature means that it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do – terrify. These conditions that our people live in are terrifying, and we seek to expose what so many have forgotten.

We are essentially reporting live from neighborhoods and communities long forgotten, and, in Atlanta, recently torn down. It seems as though our city and our people place no importance on our community any longer. These are the places you never visit. These are the places that hip-hop claims to care about. These are the people that most of gangsta rap music fraudulently portrays. This video is one hundred percent real and unstaged.

You can try to chock this up as exploitation – it will not work. Nobody was put up to any scene in this video. As a matter of fact, everybody in the video volunteered themselves, for the sake of our mission.

The song has an upbeat and happy tone. When you’re in these situations, you do not feel as though what you are doing is wrong. When you are making money in the underground economy, it does not feel wrong. Our goal is to reflect the psychology of someone who turned to drug dealing as a means of survival, and got caught up with the addiction of making money in the underworld.

Pill still lives in this situation, and we will continue to kick, scream, and make music until we can provide a better way. Until then, we will continue to expose our truths.

Our mission is to bring REALITY back to street music. I hope this a first step towards accomplishing our goal.


The Educated Villains

DOWNLOAD: Pill-The Prescription: 4180


FreshMLK said...

Oh it's all the way for real. Simpson Rd (now Boone) but yeah America that's it with no glamor.No actors.All real.

Smiff (of Smiff & Cash) said...

Dope's as real as it gets

Anonymous said...


this was filmed in the Old 4th Ward near Auburn and Edgewood, although in the song he reps for Simpson Rd